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  • CMS stands for Content Management System, an application by which you are easily able to create dynamic content for a website.

    One of the main characteristics of a CMS is that it separates the different parts of the web page (content, design, functionality) and in this way allows easy management of the web. When using a CMS, you can easily separate the responsibilities for managing the different parts of the website with different people. For example, a non-technical person may be responsible for updating the content, while a technical person may work on design and functionality.

    Most CMS applications have built-in tools that will take care of most tasks for you. This makes changing the design or adding items, for example, a matter of minutes.

    And best of all, you don’t need any programming knowledge to use a CMS and create a beautiful website.

  • The loading time of a website depends mainly on:

    • The number/size of external resources included on the site;
    • Images properly resized to their size to be displayed;
    • The number of database queries executed while the page loads.


    • You have included RSS feeds on your page(s). In order to display RSS feeds, your website needs to retrieve data from remote servers. Since each connection to a remote server takes some time, the more RSS feeds a page has, the slower it will load.
    • Do you have an image with large dimensions and weighs 1MB? The appropriate action would be to resize the larger image to a smaller image that matches the thumbnail size in pixels.
    • You use database applications for your website and have added many modules for additional functionality. Possibly some you don’t even use them anymore but you haven’t deleted them after trying them. Additional modules will generate database queries on every visit to your web page. If these queries become too many or some of them take a long time to execute, your website will load slower.
      To speed up your website we recommend:

    Reduce the number of external resources on your website.

    • Optimize the size of the images used on your website
    • Decrease the number of additional installed modules/components of your application.
    • Search the Internet for specific instructions on how to optimize the application you are using.

    You can find more information on how to optimize your website in our website optimization tutorial.

  • You can easily upgrade your plan through your Client Area-> Buy, by pressing the Upgrade button next to the account you want to upgrade.

    How is the price of the extension calculated?

    The extension price is the difference between the regular price of your new hosting plan and the regular price of the existing one. You can find current prices for all shared plans on our website.

    If you need assistance in the process, do not hesitate to contact our team through the Support section of your Client Area, where you can describe your request as Update existing account.

  • If you’re suddenly having trouble signing in, but previously you were able to sign in without a problem, it’s possible that you’ve made several unsuccessful sign-in attempts. The main symptom is that you cannot access using You will NOT be able to see your site or your webmail.

    If you try to login several times without success, the server will try to protect your site by completely blocking your IP address. Sometimes it’s not your fault as email and FTP programs can occasionally cause this too.

    If you don’t remember trying to sign in, try disabling your email and FTP programs temporarily and sign in again. If this doesn’t work, please contact support, and we’ll fully investigate what’s going on. In the meantime, you can try on another computer with a different IP address.

    Occasionally, although it is rare, it can simply be a temporary problem with your Internet provider, something like a “blind spot”. It is even possible that you can see other websites from the same server, but not yours. The good news is that it will fix itself. Of course, let us know if it doesn’t, but it’s hard to tell you how long it will take, it could be a matter of minutes or it could take overnight, but usually these cases are resolved within a couple of hours. Again, you can try on another computer and it will probably work fine.

    You can check the real-time network status of RADIA_ .

    If you have more questions, or if you need help, please open a support ticket from your client area.

  • We run two sets of backups. One of which are visible to you.

    We run an automatic daily backup on all of our plans that will allow you to automatically restore your site or individual files as needed from within cPanel. You can also start instant backups of your account.

    Backups are not a guaranteed installation, and we do not guarantee daily availability, which is why we recommend backing up when convenient.